Flunstellas Fantasy Frame

A fantasy narrative has been developed to engage people in making digital thought visualisations in a way that is fun and accesible. Within this narrative, people get involved as investigators of an unexplained thought visualisation phenomenon.

According to the fantasy framing.

Flunstellas are flocks, clusters and constellations, of ideas, emotions and memories, that float through social spaces. They move around, interacting with people, each other and their environment, seemingly with a life of their own.

Within the Fantasy frame, we share artworks, games and activities as evidence of Flunstellas, describing them as a real, but unexplained phenomenon. We write and talk from the perspective of people who believe that they are real, and encourage people to play along in the role of fellow investigators.

Screenshot of www.flunstellas.org

The platform for things shared using the fantasy frame is www.flunstellas.org, anything posted here should describe Flunstellas as ‘real’. The look, feel and tone of the site should be something in between the Alpha course, websites of the paranormal community and the websites of tech giants such as Apple Facebook and Google.

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