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How to make constellations of thoughts in shops


For this activity players draw and stick constellations of thoughts for each other to explore amongst the shelves and products in a shop.

Video documenting a Thoughts in Shops game played in Tescos, Liverpool city centre.



Materials Needed

  • Coloured Pens
  • Blu-Tac
  • Different Shaped pieces of card/paper


Agree on a time and place

Select a target subject, or agree to

For their remaining drawings, let your mind wander, make drawings of the things you think about as your mind wanders.


Drawings/writing can be made privately before the event or as part of a group activity.

Each of you go to the retail space at the prearranged time.

Once in the Retail-Space

  • Wander around the retail space and find somewhere that feels right, this is where you will begin.
    Place your first drawing by Blutac-ing it into position.
  • Next find another drawing that relates to the first one, and place it somewhere nearby, consider the spatial relationship between the two drawings. Should it go above or below? How close to each other?
  • Wander around placing your drawings in clusters and constellations relating to one another, and other peoples.


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