Vocal improvisation from Steve Boyland at the Flunconference

Steve Boyland is a Vocal Improvisation artist  drawing inspiration from the rhythms, colours and textures of dance and visual art, as much as from the extended vocalism of Free Jazz, the poetics of Eastern and Western classicism and the other-wordly, shamanic tones of World Music, the singer’s meditations emerge as abstract, enigmatic song forms; as extended journeys in voice and spirit, somehow reflective of our inner life in sound.

The first Flunconference was hosted at FACT, in Liverpool, as part of the ‘Knowledge Lives Everywhere’ exhibition. A symposium format was used to bring people from different backgrounds and interests together, to explore what Flunstellas might be. The platform was shared by 11 speakers, who each presented their interpretation of Flunstellas to an intrigued audience.

At the Flunconference Steve talked about his vocal performances and how that, in some ways he has been working with Flunstellas for years, without being aware of it. He shared insights into how his incredible approach to music developed and gave us an extraordinary demonstration, giving sound to the sub symbolic parts of the mind and bringing them out into the room.